Cotto Italia Collection


Airtech/ is a collection designed to create spaces that interact with each other in a uniform and discreet manner.The complete range of surfaces, colors and sizes offer multiple design options. Surfaces designed to integrate into all the spaces where one's traits leave a distinct mark. Airtech/ is the reinterpretation of three stones whose urban charm and clean graphics bestow an air of a discreet luxury. Their cosmopolitan aesthetic makes them perfect in any context and suited to various styles of furniture.

The constant evolution of architecture and our new lifestyles have led more and more towards the search for osmotic environments where the inside encroaches on the outside spaces with a natural informality.
This is why it becomes necessary to find a fluid surface suitable for creating places that will dialogue with each other uniformly and discreetly.
AIRTECH/ has been devised to integrate into all spaces in which one’s instinct for design can leave a distinctive mark. A complete system of surface finishes, colours and sizes highlight unexpected potentialities.


Latest Project

Yamaha Embassy


Latest Project

Kave Condo