Cotto Grande Collection

Etoile de REX

History and the future are the two paths along which Rex has pursued its aesthetic research, so that looking at the past from a new perspective lies at the heart of this project. It’s a challenge where excellence wins over time. Etoile de Rex is a magical balance of symbols and colors that stimulate the senses, inviting the viewer who is gazing at its refined depth of color to touch it.

This is the perfect synthesis of an elegance stemming from the amazing variety to be found in nature and from extremely cutting-edge production technology – an intrinsic decorative vocation for a range inspired by the unusual veining of a highly-prized and very rare mineral, selected from the least-known of them. Soft, bright surface-finishes have nuances ranging from white to grey and right down to more decisive shades of green which, as they develop, highlight suggestive patterns. This redefinition of the material, while maintaining its original atmosphere, is the most compelling undertaking for a brand that has long been careful to keep up with evolving styles.


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Latest Project

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