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Contemporary mixtures surfaces



At Living we are guided by the desire of creating versatile ceramic solutions for interior design and architecture. Claddings- on floors, walls, countertops, steps... - are the skin of our homes, and we believe that it is necessary to take care and pay attention to them. We feel a true passion for good design. We are committed to a material such as ceramics that makes it easier to obtain original and practical resources. Our ultimate objective is customer satisfaction, and we focus the professionalism and thoroughness of our work on this point. We strive in creating products that respond to today’s requirements, that are adapted to the users needs, and are in line with the new trends. We are committed to avant-garde design. By combining creativity with the infinite possibilities of ceramics we have created Living, a brand that is capable of facing current challenges.

We are non-conformists with a passion for detail and determined to achieve optimum results in everything we do. We believe that the best way of demonstrating our work is to share what we feel with you, which is why our head offices include a space that reflects the true character of our brand. These pages will take you on a tour of our Showroom; our home is ready to welcome you, so enjoy the visit and find out how ceramic tile architecture became our true passion and vocation. Welcome to Livingceramics.


From Living we work under the criteria of respect for the environment, safety and health at work. This philosophy has led us to be part of the Green Building Council, a non-profit association formed by companies that work to make our environments sustainable and responsible. We ensure safety in the workplace by training our personnel in safety and environmental aspects. Concepts such as energy sustainability are important for the company, and this is demonstrated by the external audits that guarantee our quality seals. All our containers and packaging are recyclable. Even the catalog that you have in your hands, has been designed using FSC papers that support a controlled repopulation of one of our greatest legacies, the forests.


We understand that our parts must be unique and irreplaceable, which is why we have invested in the most advanced systems of production that exist in the market, never before present in the sector. Looking to the future, we wanted to design a smart material, a product without limitations or restrictions for the most demanding architecture, capable of adapting to the most special projects. The special format of these pieces, up to 120x270cm, allows covering the space from floor to ceiling with a single piece, creating an infinity effect to the eye.